Breath / by IKB

Juan Quiles: Breath. I have always dreamt of being a rock star. And taking the dream a bit further, here is the design of the cover for the album, titled “Breath”. The album consists of 10 songs plus two remixes.


1. falling
2. sunbeams
3. breath
4. treading on air
5. losing it
6. so free
7. waking up
8. skydiving from the moon
9. simply in awe
10. missed me
11. simply in awe (remix)
12. breath (gabriel & dresden remix)

The first image above is the backcover of “Breath”, the second image is of the first single, “Breath” which also includes a Spanish version of the song: “Respiro”.

nota bene: Broken image links fixed April 17, 2013